Pitt County Memorial Hospital Children's Hospital and Family Resource Center

Location:Greenville, North Carolina
Owner:University Health Systems


The Children's Hospital and Family Resource Center renovation is a 3 phase project schedule for construction in June 2011.The Children's Hospital will be a free standing structure whose frontal elevation will be in the form of an "S" to enhance the overall appearance of the campus from Stantonsbury Road. The Family Resource Center will be a phased demolition renovation and addition to the existing Women's Center. The Children's Hospital will be comprised of 4 floors, totaling 77,000 sq ft. The central elevator shafts and 2 stair towers will be built in the first phase to accommodate a future vertical expansion from 3 floors to 6.Functions and features will include a Ronald McDonald House, Radiology, Exam, Med/Day Rooms and a theater on the first floor. The 2nd floor will hold the Convalescent and KISSU. The Mechanical room will occupy 1/2 of the 3rd floor. The primary design motive of the interior will be aquatic with features resembling waves, bubbles and fish.

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