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President's Message to AGC

President's Message from the 2005 Annual Report - Associated General Contractors of America " My year as president of AGC has been marked with tremendous moments and has afforded me the opportunity to meet many dedicated AGC contractors, visit their job sites and know that we are building a stronger economy. On a recent trip to New Orleans, I was privileged to visit Barriere Construction Co., whose many employees were devastated by the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast last fall. I distributed 47 checks that day from AGC's Hurricane Katrina Construction Workers Fund and gave them to the remarkable, devoted workers from Barriere Construction Co. who are strengthening our economy and building America's quality of life.

It is when we work as teammates that we achieve true success, and that is what AGC of America and its' chapters are doing. In fact, together AGC's Chief Economist Ken Simonson and AGC chapters keep members informed about construction industry trends. Did you k now that construction spending ended 2005 on a high note and December set a record for the sixth straight month? Were you aware that for 2005, public construction grew eight percent, private residential construction rose 11 percent, and private nonresidential construction was up five percent? Did you know that manufacturing construction was the best-performing private nonresidential segment in 2005, with a 21 percent year-over-year gain, while highway and street construction finished the year 11 percent ahead of the total for 2004 in the biggest public category? I am also proud of the three new members that we have added to the Executive Board who, for the first time ever, represent AGC's chapters. WE have set aside time at each Executive Board meeting for discussions that foster and grow the national/chapter relationship. As we strive to enhance our partnership, we continue to remain focused on our members and on ensuring that we are helping them to build a stronger economy."

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