Civil Conveyance Systems

Civil Conveyance Systems specializes in new construction, maintenance, point repairs and true emergency response. Our crews have expertise in difficult challenging pipe jobs from depths near 30+ feet to above ground aerial line work. We also offer immediate response with 24/7 on-call for maintenance and emergency services.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Water, Sewer & Force Main, Storm Drain Work pipe installations
  • Shoring & Deep Excavation Point Repairs
  • Boring Operations
  • Plant Pipe Work – Above & Below Grade
  • Extensive Dewatering & By-Pass Operations
  • Water Supply Testing
  • Disinfection Operations
  • Slip Lining Operations
  • Cured-in-Place Lining Operations
  • Manhole, Vault & Confined Space Rehabilitation Services
  • Pipe Bursting Operations
  • Valve Replacements & Repairs
  • Concrete Repairs
  • 24/7 On-Call
  • Complete Pre-Construction Services Capabilities with Design/Build Construction Management Services

Project Gallery

Northern Regional Pump Station and Force Main, Phase B

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Neuse River Raw Water Intake Screens

View Project

North Front St., Wilmington, NC

View Project

Carolina Beach Street & Utility Improvements

View Project

City of Wilmington Front Street Improvements

View Project

The HUB and Center Street Streetscape Improvements

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