Neuse River Raw Water Intake Screens

Client: Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority (NRWASA)
Completion Date: 2021
Delivery: Design-Bid-Build
Awards: National NUCA Top Jobs Award for Water Distribution

T. A. Loving Company constructed a project known as the Neuse River Raw Water Intake Screens for the Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority (NRWASA) which is an important water collection component in Lenoir County’s water resource management plan.

The new intake screens were installed in the Neuse River at a depth of 30 feet and were connected to the two 36” existing screen piping. To prevent silt accumulation, two 6” HDPE air burst lines were installed at the intake screens. Operator controls, control panels and air burst tanks were installed in the existing pump station.

The project presented special project management challenges working in an active river basin.  The team installed two cofferdams to safely complete the project.

The first cofferdam was installed in the Neuse River, creating a “dry” environment to install the new screens; this was accomplished by installing a 25’ X 50’ sheet pile cofferdam designed to support 25 feet of water.  A temporary 50-foot work bridge was constructed for safe access.

The two screens are 55” in diameter and approximately 14’ long connected to a manifold in a “T” shape. The screens are supported by eight steel pipe piles filled with concrete.  Each steel pile is 18” in diameter, 40 feet deep.  Lastly, twelve 18” steel pipe piles were installed around the perimeter of the screens as protective bollards. 

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